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IMO calls for a national policy on NCHD inappropriate working tasks

6th April 2013

The Irish Medical Organisation is calling on the HSE to work with the IMO to immediately agree a detailed and chronological action plan for the implementation of the European Working Time Directive for Non Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs) in line with their 2010 Contract.

At a National NCHD meeting during the 3 day AGM in Killarney, NCHDs debated motions highlighting issues with regard to their Contract, Working Hours, Training and Educational Issues, workforce planning and NCHD duties.

Newly elected chairman, Dr. John Donnellan said; “In addition to calling for a detailed action plan for the implementation of the EWTD we are asking that NCHDs be paid for all hours worked and that a national policy on NCHD inappropriate tasks and a redefinition of the duties and responsibilities of NCHDs must be agreed with the IMO as a matter of urgency with a practical timeline for implementation.

He said; “Key objectives for the IMO with regard to NCHDs is to ensure that the Irish Health Service can attract the best doctors and provide excellent training, defined career paths and the highest standard of patient care and safety which can only be achieved by the full implementation of the contract, improved working conditions and the removal of inappropriate tasks.”

Dr. Donnellan said; “The ever increasing demands on an overloaded health service in turn increases the demands on NCHDs already working dangerous and illegal hours, many of which remain unpaid by hospitals that unfairly target NCHDs for cost savings while making no attempt to actively improve patient care by actually reducing unsafe NCHD working hours.”


Maria Murphy
Director of Communications &
Public Affairs
Irish Medical Organisation

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