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Secured €5000 for a GP Trainee

The IMO were contacted by a GP trainee about their incremental credit. We confirmed they were on the wrong point of the scale, addressed this with their previous and current employers. The employee received approximately €5,000 in backpay and is now on the correct salary point. 

Secured over €2000 for IMO members

After a protracted dispute with the National Rehabilitation Hospital, the IMO secured over €2,000 in denied payment to members. This payment related to unpaid lunch breaks by the NRH.

Secured €5000 for a registrar

We dealt with a registrar who was owed unpaid overtime and accrued annual leave upon the cessation of employment. After the IMO took their case to the Workplace Relations Commission for adjudication we successfully negotiated a settlement of €5,000 on the day of the hearing.

IMO secured payment in lieu for ten annual leave days that were untaken and unpaid

The IMO assisted an NCHD member who was unable to take all of their annual leave during their contract. Their employer refused to pay the balance at the end of the contract. 

The IMO pursued this issue through the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) and as part of a settlement the IMO secured payment in lieu for ten annual leave days that were untaken and unpaid at the end of the employment.

Secured €7000 for an SPR

The IMO was contacted by a SPR who was concerned in relation to their pay scale. We assessed their case and determined that they were on the wrong point of the scale. We helped the member to have this corrected and they received full back pay, which was in excess of €7,000. 

If you feel that you have not received your full contractual entitlements contact us 

Secured €1000 for NCHD Member

The IMO found an NCHD member had been significantly underpaid after reviewing their timesheets and payslips. As the employer initially had refused to correct the error and pay the back-pay the IMO referred the case to the Workplace Relations Commission. This prompted negotiations before the hearing and led to full payment of the unpaid hours which totalled approximately €1,000.         

Secured €2500 for NCHD on wrong salary scale

The IMO were contacted by a member who thought they had been paid at the incorrect level on the NCHD salary scale while they were working at a hospital from July to November 2015. We reviewed the case and contacted the hospital on their behalf.

Based on our submission the hospital reviewed the matter and agreed there was an under payment to the doctor. The doctor has recently received full back payment of approximately €2,500 for the period in question.

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