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Rostered & Unrostered Hours

You are entitled to be paid for all hours worked – both rostered and un-rostered hours. To ensure you are paid for un-rostered hours have them signed off by your Consultant. 

Lunch Break

NCHDs are entitled to a paid 1 hour lunch break per day as part of their 39 hour working week. 

Tax free compensation for mileage

An NCHD who is on-call and is called in may be entitled to tax-free compensation for the mileage they accrue travelling to and from the location of the call out. To qualify for mileage compensation, it must be for an event that requires immediate or urgent attention, and would have serious consequences if left unattended. If you have further queries about this issue, do not hesitate to contact

Claim the cost of your landline phone rental

If you work off site on call you can claim the cost of your landline phone rental from your employer. This is incorporated in Section 13e) Off Site On Call in your contract. The employer will pay the cost of landline telephone installation and rental to those NCHDs rostered off-site on-call. 

Annual Leave

An NCHD must endeavour to avail of their annual leave in each rotation. However, if an NCHD is not provided the opportunity to avail of their leave, and their contract of employment ends, they are entitled to payment in lieu of these accrued but unused annual leave.

If you think you have been paid incorrectly, time is of the essence

If you think you have not been paid correctly, time is of the essence. If your employer contests the claim then you (with the help of the IMO) may need to pursue it through the Workplaces Relations Commission. For these type of claims there is a six month time limit under the Payment of Wages Act. While you can seek payment after this time period, it will reduce your likelihood of receiving payment in full. 

If you are unsure if you have been paid correctly please contact the Member Advisory Unit in the IMO by email: or call (01) 6767273 

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