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IMO NCHD Committee raises concerns about transfer of tasks

An IMO delegation led by President Dr John Duddy met the Task Transfer National Verification Group last Friday 10 March 2017.They told the group of the disappointment and frustration of NCHDs who have not seen implementation of the four tasks in their hospitals. While some nurse training has been undertaken the level of actual transfer of tasks has been minimal. 

The verification group accepted the point of the need for ongoing monitoring and they agreed that the points raised will be included in their final report. The group will develop protocols to be followed locally if tasks are not being transferred. These will also include escalation procedures to be pursued through the hospital groups. 

IMO is fully aware of NCHDs' concerns about the barriers to implementation of this process and aims to ensure it is delivered for doctors and the better care of patients. All feedback on issues related to the transfer of tasks is welcome. Please email with details

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