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Run Through Programme Scales

Run Through Programme Scales

You may be aware that the HSE issued a circular letter in July 2014 providing for pay scales to apply to the run through programme. The proposals proposed to change to pay of NCHDs on run through programmes only.These proposals were not agreed with the IMO. They involve contractual changes and it is not acceptable they were introduced without agreement with the IMO. The IMO is fully aware of the issues involved for NCHDs in the introduction of the  run through programme scales. We are also aware of  the strength of feeling from valuable feedback we have received from members particularly anaesthetists.

The IMO is taking the issue of the run through scales very seriously and have been in discussions with the HSE since the introduction to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible.  We have also been in contact with the college of anaesthetists as the group of NCHDs most directly affected.The matter was discussed again at a meeting with the HSE and Department of Health on 2 October 2014  but was not resolved.The HSE has agreed to put the implementation on hold, pending a meeting but then issued a revised but not agreed circular letter on 14 October 2014.

The IMO has written to the HSE demanding the withdrawal of the circular by 24 October 2014.If the letter is not withdrawn the issue will be referred  to the Labour Court or another relevant third party for decision.You can be assured the IMO will pursue this issue to its conclusion to protect the 2010 contract and the interests of NCHDs.

I hope this explains the current situation to your satisfaction and we hope to have a resolution to this issue in the near future.

A further update will be provided when there are developments on this matter.

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