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NCHD Annual Leave Update

NCHD Annual Leave Update

As NCHDs will be aware the issue of NCHD annual leave has been the subject of dispute between the IMO and the HSE since implementation of NCHD Contract 2010. On each rotation in January and July from 2010 to July 2012 the HSE has reduced NCHD leave to 12 days per 6 months with the full leave only being reinstated on the understanding that the IMO would enter into discussions with the HSE on the issue. The HSE consistently refused to reinstate the leave for GP Registrars. Protracted discussions have taken place under the auspices of the Labour Relations Commission and agreement has now been reached on the correct application of the leave entitlements contained in NCHD Contract 2010. The agreement was discussed in detail and accordingly endorsed by the NCHD Committee of the IMO at a meeting yesterday Wednesday 24th October 2012 and can be found here your information. The following key points from the attached should be noted:

  • As with the Out of Hours allowance, the IMO has once again presented a very strong defence of GP trainee entitlements and to this end we have been successful in securing the reinstatement of the status quo for community based GP Registrars of 3 weeks leave per 6 months.
  • Importantly, all annual leave/public holiday entitlement is to be calculated on the basis of working days / working hours and not calendar days. Saturdays and Sundays are not to be included in the calculation of leave e.g. if an NCHD takes a Friday off, this is counted as 1 working days leave and not 3 calendar days as has been the practice to date.
  • NCHDs who work on the public holiday (including on call on site and off site) will be paid the relevant rate applicable for the hours worked (e.g. the period of a public holiday is defined as any hours worked between midnight on the eve of a public holiday and midnight on the public holiday)

Full details of the application of NCHD Contract 2010 annual leave entitlements can be found here. If NCHDs encounter any problems in having this implemented this should be immediately highlighted to the IMO. This issue again highlights the vital role the IMO plays in ensuring that the HSE is not allowed to unilaterally remove NCHDs contractual entitlements; without the intervention of the IMO the HSE position that all NCHDs should receive only 12 days annual leave up front would have prevailed. The IMO can only continue this important work on behalf of NCHDs if we have continued support through membership, to this end any of your NCHD colleagues who are not members should be encouraged to join.

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