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Temporary Type A Contracts

Further to previous emails, you will be aware that given the unique circumstances brought about by the pandemic, the IMO secured the right for Consultants to temporarily switch to a Type  A contract on a temporary basis whilst retaining the right to return to their original contract type.

This was taken up by a number of Consultants in various specialities and throughout the country. This facility remains available for Consultants who want to change to the Type A contract on a temporary basis. If you wish to take this you should contact your local HR Department.

This facility will be extended until at least the end of September 2021, and may be further extended pending the prevailing public health situation at that point. When this facility ends Consultants will return to their previous contract type. Alternatively any Consultant who has taken a temporary A is entitled to revert to their original contract type before the end of this period.

The most recent HSE circulars on this can be found here, and the referred to Appendix here

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