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Temporary Consultant Contract Change

We refer to our email of Monday (20th) advising of the terms of HSE HR Circular 29/2020. As you will know, this Circular allows for Consultants holding public contracts other than the Type A Contract, to temporarily change to the Type A Contract for the duration of the pandemic.

For those Consultants who take up this option, we have had it confirmed by the HSE that those Consultants, upon cessation of the public health emergency, have the right to advise their Hospital Group CEO or CHO Chief Officer of their intention to switch back to their pre-existing contract. Previously the Circular suggested that Consultants had to ‘apply’ to revert to their pre-existing contract. 

As previously advised, the terms of this Circular are voluntary.

If you have any queries in this regard, please contact the IMO on (01) 6767273, or by e-mail at


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