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New Entrant Increment Skips

We just wanted to take a moment to update you on the increment ‘skips’ that arose out of the Public Service Stability Agreement (2018-2020), and which was given effect in the health service under the terms of HSE HR Circular 44/2020, a copy of which can be accessed  here


As a member of the ICTU Public Services Committee, the IMO represented all grades and specialities of the medical profession in public service agreement negotiations.


Consultant members in some locations reported to the IMO that they had been advised that the provisions of this circular and the agreement that underpin it had expired, meaning that not all new entrants, and in our case Consultants recruited after October 2012, would be able to avail of two ‘skips’.


This issue was raised with the HSE nationally and the IMO has had it confirmed that the circular and its provisions remain live and that those due to move from point 3 to point 4, will move directly to point 5, and those moving from point 7 to point 8, will move directly to point 9.


The FAQ document setting out the operation of the circular is available here.


If you have any queries in this regard, please contact our member advisory team by emailing

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