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Motor Travel Rates

Following engagement between the Public Service Committee of ICTU – of which the IMO is a member – and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER), revised public service motor travel rates have been published.

These rates are effective from the 1st September 2022. They have been given effect in the health service through HSE HR Circular 26/2022, a copy of which you can access here. This should be read in conjunction with Department of Health 5/2022, a copy of which can be found here.

Mileage accumulated prior to 1st September, will be processed at the older rates. 

Against the backdrop of the rising cost of fuel, these rates have been increased in the main (although the cost of fuel is just one part of the matrix that goes into devising the rates). It remains the intention of DPER that these rates should be streamlined, over time, to provide for one rate regardless of engine size.

A comparison of the old and new rates is set out below

Engine Capacity up to 1200cc


Old Rate

New Rate

Band 1 (0-1,500km)

37.95 cent

41.80 cent

Band 2 (1,501-5,500km)

70.00 cent

72.64 cent

Band 3 (5,501-25,000km)

27.55 cent

31.78 cent

Band 4 (25,001km and over)

21.36 cent

20.56 cent


Engine Capacity 1201cc to 1500cc


Old Rate

New Rate

Band 1 (0-1,500km)

39.86 cent

43.40 cent

Band 2 (1,501-5,500km)

73.21 cent

79.18 cent

Band 3 (5,501-25,000km)

29.03 cent

31.79 cent

Band 4 (25,001km and over)

22.23 cent

23.85 cent


Engine Capacity 1501cc and over


Old Rate

New Rate

Band 1 (0-1,500km)

44.79 cent

51.82 cent

Band 2 (1,501-5,500km)

83.53 cent

90.63 cent

Band 3 (5,501-25,000km)

32.21 cent

39.22 cent

Band 4 (25,001km and over)

25.85 cent

25.87 cent


The circulars also provide for a reduced rate for journey’s associated with the performance of one’s job but not solely related to the performance of those duties. A relevant example given is attendance at approved exams and courses.

The reduced rate is set out below

Engine Capacity (<1200cc)

Engine Capacity (1201-1500cc)

Engine Capacity (>1500cc)

21.23 cent

23.80 cent

25.96 cent


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