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Consultant Update

In response to the current crisis, we are aware that many Consultants are working extra shifts, working on weekends, or have a greater call requirement. This extra work is appreciated, and we want to ensure that members are aware of their contractual entitlements and are remunerated appropriately for this extra work. 

We have summarised the different rates and remuneration which apply: 


On-call is paid for by way of B Factors and C Factors.  The rates vary depending on the frequency and level of call. The B Factor is paid in respect of your requirement to be on-call, while the C Factor is linked to the individual instances of call. 

The rates for Consultants covered by the High Court Settlement are available here;

The rates for Consultants who are on the 2012 scale or not covered by the Settlement are available here. 

Consultants whose call roster has increased should ensure that they are receiving the appropriate B Factor rate. 

Rest Days 

In addition to the on-call rates, for Consultants with an on-call commitment of 1 in 4 or more onerous there is an entitlement to Rest Days. If you are temporarily working on a more onerous rota you will qualify based on this period. 

The Rest Day entitlements are covered here. 

Structured on-site Rates 

If you are working your contracted commitment across the period Monday to Friday and are in attendance on site on a Saturday or Sunday in a structured fashion (not on-call), for a period of up to five hours, then you are entitled to structured payment rates. These are as follows:

  • Saturday – time + ¼ (i.e. your hourly rate x 1¼)
  • Sunday/Public Holiday – double time. 

Other Premium Rates  

If you are required to deliver part of your 39 hours on the basis of a 5/7 roster, you are entitled to claim for overtime on the basis of the rates applicable in the public service, i.e 

  • Saturday – time + ¼ (i.e. your hourly rate x 1¼)
  • Sunday/Public Holiday – double time. 

If you have any specific queries please contact our Member Advisory Team by calling (01)6767273 or by emailing:

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