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Consultant High Court Settlement Agreement

As you will no doubt know, at this point in time, it was assumed that all eligible Consultants would be in a position to avail of the terms of the High Court Settlement Agreement.

This has not been the case, and that matter will be addressed.

If you have applied to avail of the Settlement and have not yet received the monies due to you (assuming eligibility), we would be grateful if you could advise us as to your last contact with the HSE Settlements Team, i.e. whether you are awaiting confirmation as to eligibility, awaiting clarifications on an offer, or awaiting receipt of monies due.

You can relay this information to, and we will raise your case with the HSE.

Separately, the IMO will be contacting the HSE and challenging their contention that holders of the 1997 Contract are precluded from availing of the ‘corrected’ salary rates.

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