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Consultant Contract Update

Further to our previous emails we wanted to confirm the position in relation to the temporary transfer of contract type (to an A from another contract type). 

We have received a number of queries on this, so thought it would be helpful to consolidate the guidance.

Reverting to Previous Contract:


  • The HSE have confirmed to the IMO in writing that the circular on this should be read as the Consultant may advise that s/he intends to transfer back to their original contract. The hospital must transfer you back. This comes into effect from September.
  • The existing provisions within the various contracts governing a long term contract switch remain in place, and are not changed by this measure, which is designed to be temporary in nature. Consultants wishing to avail of a long term change to the Type A Contract, and seeking advice in that regard, should contact the IMO as set out below.
  • In relation to the application we are not aware of any Consultants having specific difficulties with their application, but if you have a problem please contact our Member Advisory Team 

Pay Rates: 

  • As per the attached pay-scales you transfer to the equivalent scale to your own. In relation to some of the particular issues:
    • If you are a B* you move to the top of the equivalent A scale;
    • If you are a Category 1 or a Category 2 you move to the applicable scale based on your specialty/location. 


  • Please find the Circular here;
  • Please find the application form here and the guidance for Medical Manpower here;
  • Please find the pay scales here

If you have any queries on the above or any other issues please contact our Member Advisory Team by calling (01)6767273 or by emailing



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