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Consultant Contract - Private Hospitals Update

Following the agreement reached between Government and the Private Hospitals we issued an email last week clarifying a number of issues (click here for mail

We have had further discussions with senior officials from Department and the HSE on the following issues and are awaiting response: 

  • Clear start and end date of contract to be offered
  • Indemnity issues
  • Work locations
  • Continuity of care for patients
  • Opportunity for existing Bs and Cs within the public system to avail of the temporary A contract should they so choose and with a guarantee to return to their existing contract following the period of the temporary contract 

We are strongly of the view that the unjust and inequitable pay discrimination that exists for those consultants appointed post October 2012 should be addressed in the context of the urgent recruitment drive to get more consultants into the public system. It is little consolation to those consultants to receive thanks for their efforts yet still have those very efforts and their commitment to the public system undervalued. 

We will be in touch as soon as we have further information and in the meantime if you have any queries please contact our member advisory team on (01)6767273 or by email at

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