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Consultant CME Allowance

This week we wanted to remind members about the carry over of the Consultant CME Allowance.


Due to the ongoing Covid Pandemic we know that many Consultants were not in a position to use the full allowance in 2020.  We therefore engaged with and secured  the rollover of the allowance into 2021. The allowance, which was negotiated by the IMO, is €3,000 per annum, and therefore you will have up to €6,000 in 2021.


Due to the persistence of the pandemic, the IMO has engaged with the HSE and sought that a further ‘roll over’ be given serious consideration. We will update members when we have more information in that regard.  


You can access the details of the funding here 


We also wanted to confirm to members that for those who retain Historic Rest days under the 1997 Common Contract that we have secured a further extension for Consultants to take these days. This will run until the end of December 2022. This is very welcome and allows those Consultants to continue to work and provide valuable service during the pandemic.


Finally, we wish to confirm that the abatement arrangements for those returning from retirement have been further extended on a case by case basis as per the circular available here.


If you have any queries on any of the above please contact our Member Advisory Team by calling (01)6767273 or by emailing:


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