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IMO Update: COP/Medical Ophthalmologist Enhanced Role

The IMO met today with the HSE to discuss the COP role in light of the Primary Care Eye Services Report and the recent Independent Review of Community Ophthalmic Physician Salary, Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be seen here.


As you are aware the independent review recommended an enhanced COP role and salary which will be known as a Medical Ophthalmologist  role. A process will now commence whereby COPs will be asked if they wish to have their individual posts reviewed in line with the Independent Report. This will entail assessing the post with regard to the criteria which are set out within the report.


  • Those who wish to be in a position to take up any new contract and salary should indicate that they do wish to have their post reviewed.
  • Those who wish to remain on their existing contract and salary should indicate they do not wish to have their post reviewed.


Members will be approached by the HSE in the coming weeks in this regard.


Further significant work is required with regard to negotiation of a new contract and salary (though the parameters of such salary are set out in the independent report) and the IMO and HSE are meeting again on the 24th August. In addition further discussions are required between the HSE and Department of Health.


We hope following our next meeting to advance the matter further and we will update members further following same.

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