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Last winter 2020/21, at the height of the third wave of COVID-19, the IMO carried out a survey of Doctor Mental Health and Well-being. The results of this survey reveal worryingly high levels of stress and burnout among our doctors:

Key Findings:

90% of doctors reported having experienced some form of depression, anxiety, stress, emotional stress or other mental health condition related to or made worse by work;

79% of doctors reported that their mental health was made worse by the current COVID-19 pandemic;

7 out of 10 doctors are at high risk of burnout – NCHDs are among those at highest risk;

57% of doctors reported not being able to take their scheduled breaks to eat/drink during the working day;

36% of doctors reported not being able to take time off since the pandemic started;

The main concerns arising for all doctors are:

Pre-existing staffing shortages, made worse by covid illness and requirements to self-isolate;

the growing backlog of waiting patients;

and the impact on personal health and well-being .

66% of doctors reported difficulty securing childcare during the pandemic;

The majority of respondents believe there is a perceived stigma around mental health issues and few doctors seek help from support services but instead confide in family or friends or attempt to deal with issues alone; 

64% of doctors do not feel adequately supported by the HSE;

Over 80% of doctors still have a strong desire to practice medicine,  however 39% of doctors stated that their career was not as expected or they were not fully satisfied with their career choice.


IMO Doctor Mental Health and Well-being Full Report

Link to full report


IMO Webinar - Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19


IMO Doctor Mental Health and Well-being Survey Winter 2021-22

One year on, we are seeking to benchmark mental health and well-being among doctors against last year’s survey and will be used to further advocate on your behalf.  If you would like to participate in this year’s IMO Mental Health and Well-being survey please click  here 

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