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Dr Ann Hogan IMO President 2017/2018

IMO President - Dr John Duddy

Dr Ann Hogan is President of the Irish Medical Organisation 2017/2018

Originally from Dublin, Dr Hogan studied medicine in Trinity College Dublin and graduated in 1982. After working in a variety of NCHD jobs and spending some time in General Practice, Dr Hogan joined the Community Medical Service in the Mid-West as an Area Medical Officer in 1990.

Since then Dr Hogan has worked in the Mid-West Community Medical Services and in General Management. In 2012 Dr Hogan took up her current position as Principal Medical Officer in the Mid-West.

Dr Hogan has been an IMO member since 1985 and has been an active member of the Public Health and Community Health Committee since 2011.

List of Past Presidents

2016/2017 Dr John Duddy
2015/2016 Dr Ray Walley
2014/2015 Prof Trevor Duffy
2013/2014 Dr Matthew Sadlier
2012/2013 Dr Paul McKeown
2011/2012 Dr Ronan Boland
2010/2011                                     Prof. Seán Tierney
2009/2010 Dr John Morris
2008/2009 Dr Martin Daly
2007/2008 Dr Paula Gilvarry
2006/2007 Dr Christine O’Malley
2005/2006 Dr Asam Ishtiaq
2004/2005 Dr James Reilly
2003/2004 Prof. Joe Barry
2002/2003 Dr Kate Ganter RIP
2001/2002 Dr Mick Molloy
2000/2001 Dr Liam Lynch
1999/2000 Dr Fenton Howell
1998/1999 Dr Tony Hynes
1997/1998 Dr Neil Brennan
1996/1997 Mr. Hugh Bredin
1995/1996 Dr Henry Finnegan
1994/1995 Dr Declan Bedford
1993/1994 Dr Seamus Healy
1992/1993 Dr Cormac Macnamara RIP
1991/1992 Dr Cormac Macnamara RIP
1990/1991 Dr Cormac Macnamara RIP
1989/1990 Prof. Cillian Twomey
1988/1989 Dr Chris Mc Namara RIP
1987/1988 Dr Kenneth Egan
1986/1987 Dr Kenneth Egan
1985/1986 Dr Phelim Donnelly
1985 Dr Robert Carroll RIP

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