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Why IMO Financial Services for Pensions?

Here in the Financial Services arm of the IMO our main aim is to build, enhance and protect the financial well-being of medical professionals and their families.  The staff within IMO FS have the experience and expertise to provide professional, unbiased financial advice to clients, regardless of their life stage, financial goals or priorities.

We offer a wide range of pension products and providers to meet your retirement planning needs, unlike some banks or tied agents. IMO FS have a team of professional pension experts in place nationwide to eliminate the complexity of pension planning for you.  We have the expertise to ensure that you are making contributions into the correct type of pension plan to suit your circumstances and maximise your tax relief .Link to Tax Relief.

IMO Financial Services can also provide advice on investing your pension contributions and the different asset classes.

We cover the full range of pension products:

  •         AVC (Additional Voluntary Contributions) for HSE and GMS schemes
  •         Pensions for private income
  •        Spouses pensions
  •      Pension schemes for employees

Please note as a GP you do not have to make your AVC contributions to the GMS scheme directly.

IMO Financial Services can provide you with advice and alternatives for your GMS.

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Retirement Seminars

Retirement and planning for retirement is one of the key milestones for all professionals but we have identified that many doctors who are so busy with their working lives that they do not pay sufficient attention to their own finances.

We identified a need for more information and therefore run retirement seminars on an annual basis. It covers a number of important topics about how to prepare for retirement; not only from a financial perspective but also from a social and psychological one.

Our retirement seminars are very well attended and the feedback has been very positive.

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