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How familiar are you with your pension assets?

Dear Member,

Here at IMO Financial Services, we are fully aware of the fact that our GP members are extremely busy with the running of their practice, so a lot of other important matters tend to fall by the wayside and only raise its ugly head when it is nearly too late. One of the things that is always pushed aside is retirement planning.

To assist you in evaluating how familiar you are with one of your biggest assets, your pension, we have put together a short survey. Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and think about your retirement planning. Please click here to complete.

If you said ‘No’ and scored low on most of these questions, we can assist you in getting on top of this matter.

For your information, IMO Financial Services will be running seminars in Cork, Dublin and Galway in the autumn where we will be discussing various topics such as pension, tax and accounting matters as well as the current economy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01/6618299 or email us on if you require advice on retirement planning or wish to receive information on our seminars.

Best wishes,

Your IMO FS Team

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