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Reduce your 2014 Tax Bill

Those of you who wish to save for retirement in the most tax-efficient way should consider making a pension contribution prior to the above-mentioned deadlines.

Our team of financial advisers are ready to help you to make the right decisions for your future in terms of pension arrangements and maximising available tax relief. They will cut through the existing jungle of pension products, charges and funds as well as advise you according to your financial needs.

Please note that as a GP you do not have to make your AVC contributions to the GMS scheme directly. Contributions to a stand-alone PRSA AVC, for example, can be a very attractive option in that they offer:

1. full transparency on charges.

2. flexibility on contribution amounts. You can change the premium amount on an ad-hoc basis.

3. choice of investment funds. You will have a greater range of investment options.

4. diversification. You do not have all your eggs in one basket.

Should you have any queries or wish to make a contribution please contact your financial adviser in IMO Financial Services on 01/6618299 or email us on

Our Financial Advisory Team

Ronan McGrath           086 1724411

Francis McGrath           086 3852484

Daragh Turley              086 8113023    

The material is not intended to provide advice and is provided for general information purposes only.

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