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Its Pension Time

Dear Member

At this time many of you and your colleagues are preparing tax returns and considering pension contributions.

Our team of experienced financial advisers at IMO Financial Services are ready to help you make the right decisions for your future in terms of pension arrangements and maximising available tax relief. They will cut through the existing jungle of pension products, charges and funds as well as advise you according to your financial needs.

Additionally, we can offer reviews with regards to your overall funding limits and drawing of benefits in conjunction with your State/GMS/HSE pension thanks to our unique understanding of these arrangements.

More than anyone we recognise the time and financial pressures on doctors and our team of financial advisers are on hand to assist you making the right decisions for your financial future.

Please feel free to contact me on with any feedback you might have.

Nives Paic QFA

General Manager
IMO Financial Services

Our Financial Advisory Team

Ronan McGrath                  086 1724411

Francis McGrath                  086 3852484

Daragh Turley                         086 8113023                       

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