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Irish Medical Organisation warns of backlog at GP surgeries and at Emergency Departments and asks public to avoid both unless in emergencies

Tuesday 17th October 2017.  The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has warned that GP and hospital services, particularly Emergency Departments, will take some days to work through the backlog of patients built up through Storm Ophelia and patients should continue to avoid attending both except in cases of emergency.

Dr. Padraig McGarry, Chair of the IMO GP Committee, paid tribute to the long hours and hard work which medical staff across the country had put in through the storm conditions; “Doctors and all healthcare professionals have worked ‘round the clock to ensure that patients who needed attention received it. Though the storm made delivering essential care challenging, hospitals and GP practices were available to provide help and emergency support to patients.  I want to acknowledge the huge effort which Doctors put in across the country.”  Dr. McGarry also thanked the public for their support for Doctors and other healthcare professionals during the storm period.

Dr. McGarry said that patients can expect GP Surgeries and Emergency Departments to be particularly busy over the coming days and patients should present only if they require urgent care.  Some services will continue to operate on a limited basis as GPs and Hospitals deal with priority patients in post storm circumstances.


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