Irish Medical Organisation

Irish Medical Organisation gives advice in respect of Storm Ophelia

GP Services – IMO asks public to avoid using GP services during storm conditions except for emergencies

Hospital Emergency Departments – while emergency departments remain open, the IMO urges public to ensure that these are reserved for genuine emergencies

Monday 16th October 2017.  The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has asked members of the public to avoid using GP services today except for emergencies.  Dr. Padraig McGarry, Chairman of the GP Committee of the IMO said that while most GP surgeries will remain open today, they were appealing to members of the public to avoid using them except in case of emergencies; “with the level of warnings now in place, we want to ensure that our GP members are free to deal with genuine emergency cases rather than with more routine business.  We are also concerned that people may put themselves at risk by travelling to a GP for something that can been seen more safely in the days ahead.  We would ask all members of the public to avoid going to their local GP unless they really need to.”

In respect of Emergency Departments of Hospitals, Dr. Peadar Gilligan, Chairman of the Consultant Committee, asked that Emergency Departments in Hospitals be reserved for emergency use only; “we expect emergency departments to be particularly busy over the coming 24 hours and we would urge the public to respect the fact that these should be reserved for genuine emergencies only.”

The IMO also said that doctors across the country were turning up for duty as normal; “Doctors and other health professionals work in all conditions and play a vital role in responding to the type of emergency situations which may well arise through the current storm.  I think all our members are very conscious of their responsibilities at a time like this and they are preparing to respond as only they can.”


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