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IMO welcomes the publication of Progress: Promoting Gender Equality in Surgery, by the RCSI

The IMO welcomes the publication of Progress: Promoting Gender Equality in Surgery, by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. While in many ways the medical profession in Ireland has never been more diverse, surgical specialties remain very much male-dominated at consultant level. Research conducted by the IMO, and presented at its recent Definitions of Success seminar held in conjunction with the Bar of Ireland, has revealed that perceptions of surgery as male-dominated, and the absence of adequate supports to enable surgeons to properly balance family or personal commitments with their professional responsibilities, affect female participation within the discipline. This RCSI report identifies many similar difficulties, and recommends changes in workplace culture and practices, such as the introduction of mentorship programmes and policies that facilitate pregnant surgeons and those with families. The IMO calls on all relevant stakeholders to ensure the report’s recommendations are fully considered and embraced as a means of improving female participation in surgery.

Speaking about the report, IMO President, Dr. Ann Hogan, stated:  “there are perceptions that women’s skill sets or abilities may not be compatible with or suited to certain specialties, and this report offers important guidance on how such perceptions can be challenged and rectified. Women represent a huge proportion of the medical workforce and the current gender disparity within surgery can no longer be ignored.”


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