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IMO Submission to the Public Service Pay Commission

The IMO has made a detailed submission to the Public Service Pay Commission which highlights the significant issues in the area of medical staffing, the low ratio of doctor to population and the high level of emigration amongst the medical profession. We have examined the causes of these trends and made a series of recommendations to the Pay Commission in this regard.

Key recommendations include:

  • The effects of the FEMPI Acts, 2009-2015, must be withdrawn, as they apply to medical practitioners.
  • The 30% unilateral pay cut imposed on consultant doctors in 2012 must be completely reversed, to restore pay parity among colleagues.
  • An independent review of doctors’ remuneration and working conditions in Ireland should be carried out, which will include an assessment of the attractiveness of the Irish health services as an employer in terms of pay and conditions, relative to other English-speaking jurisdictions, such as Australia and Canada.
  • Grants, support schemes, and tax benefits must be developed for all NCHDs to ensure that all costs associated with an NCHD’s training are borne by the HSE.
  • A new contract for Consultants in Public Health Medicine should be drawn up and offered to new entrants and existing Specialists in Public Health Medicine, placing such physicians on par with their consultant colleagues in terms of remuneration, and with regard to out-of hours arrangements.
  • A supported recruitment and retention programme, specifically designed at attracting Irish trained doctors back to Ireland must be developed.
  • Tax relief on loan repayments for graduate entry medical students must be provided.
  • A new consultants’ contract must be negotiated.
  • A new NCHDs’ contract must be negotiated

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