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IMO AGM...economist says that Irl needs 9,000 additional hospital beds

Leading health economist says that Ireland needs 2,800 extra doctors and 9,000 additional hospital beds to match OECD average figures

4pm.  Friday 21st April 2017.  Ireland would need 2,800 additional doctors and over 9,000 additional hospital beds to match OECD averages according to UCD Health Economist, Dr. Brian Turner of University College Cork.  Dr. Turner was speaking to the IMO Annual General Meeting in Galway.

Speaking today Dr. Turner said that the Irish health system has not fully recovered from cutbacks made in the 1980s and 1990s.  Despite significant population growth over the past three decades, he pointed out that the number of hospital beds is still approximately 1/3rd less than it was in 1980. 

Dr. Turner also pointed out that the country would face significant challenges in respect of health expenditure in the years ahead.  Dr. Turner quoted a report (The King’s Fund Report of 2013) which suggested that public spending on health and long-term care in the EU could rise from 6.7% of GDP (2007) to 13% in 2060.

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