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Unanimous vote from Intern NCHDs in Limerick University Hospital for Strike Action - 15 January 2016

January 15th: Following refusal by Limerick University Hospital to pay Interns (Newly qualified NCHDs) their contractual entitlements for overtime worked the IMO conducted a ballot for industrial action. The result of the ballot is a unanimous vote for Industrial Action.

The IMO will now advise hospital management of the ballot results and plans for the action.

Speaking today Dr John Duddy, IMO Vice President said “It is difficult to imagine any other employer refusing to pay for hours worked.  Doctors take their responsibilities to patients seriously and this vote for industrial action is indicative of the level of frustration felt by doctors and the lack of respect hospital management and the HSE have for their employees.  It is no wonder that our young highly trained doctors are choosing to leave Ireland and work in other health systems that respect and value their skills. ”

Dr Duddy added that “The IMO are available to meet with management to resolve these issues however it is a basic employment right that hours worked are paid for.  Patient care and safety is at the core of what we do but it is the responsibility of the hospital management to put in place suitable systems during any industrial action.”


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