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Proposed Changes to Primary Childhood Immunisation Schedule

As previously advised, and confirmed by correspondence from the HSE, there are a number of proposed changes to the Primary Childhood Immunisation Scheme which require negotiation with the IMO under the Framework Agreement.

The IMO are currently in negotiations on these matters and no agreement has been reached as yet.

We have met with the HSE on a number of occasions and while welcoming the clinical benefits to patients the IMO have advised the HSE as to the workload and other issues associated with the proposed changes. In line with the Framework Agreement the IMO will advise GPs of the outcome of those negotiations and the opinion of the IMO in respect of same.

Colleagues should be aware that while the proposed changes to the schedule affect children born on or after the 1st October 2016 the first vaccinations are not due until 1st December 2016.  GPs may order the vaccinations without any obligation pending the outcome of negotiations

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