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IMO says it is a disgrace that our public health services were not the priority issue for the agreement on the formation of a new Government.

Politicians have once again refused to deal with the real problems in our society and instead focused on political self-interest.

IMO President - “Minister Varadkar has criticised Fianna Fail for not demanding a multi-billion investment programme for health…so will he demand it now himself to be included in the Agreement between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael”

Thursday 28th April 16.    The President of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has called on the parties negotiating a new Programme for Government to develop meaningful, substantial proposals for the health services before any agreement is reached on the formation of a new Government.

Dr. John Duddy was responding to comments by the Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar today in which he expressed surprise that Fianna Fail had prioritised the issue of water over demands for a multi-billion investment programme for the health services.  Dr. Duddy said “Minister Varadkar shouldn’t wait for Fianna Fail to force his hand on investment in health services.  If he believes this investment is necessary, and it clearly is, then he can prioritise it himself and ensure that it forms a key part of any Programme for Government.”

Dr. Duddy said the mantra for the new Government on health should be:

  • Invest
  • Increase
  • Improve.

Dr Duddy said it is nothing short of a national disgrace that our public health services were not the priority issue for talks on a new Government and instead, true to form, politicians focused on their own self interest.  He said that the new Government will have to find significant additional money for the health services or face further deterioration in the form of reduced services, increased waiting lists and inadequate GP services. Dr Duddy said “The current budget is simply insufficient even to maintain services at current levels.  We need a commitment to provide significant additional funds for the health services.  We need to commit now to urgent action to improve patient experiences and health outcomes.”

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