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IMO responds to Government Plan for Committee on Health Services Vision


IMO welcomes development of long-term plan but warns that new Committee may be used as a delaying tactic for urgently needed investment


IMO President: “A 10 year plan sounds excellent but we also need a realistic immediate plan to tackle current issues.”

Tuesday 24th May 2016.  The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has today given a guarded welcome to the decision to establish an Oireachtas Committee to debate and agree a 10-year vision for the Health Services and looks forward to presenting its vision for the future of our public health services to the new Committee. However, the IMO has expressed concern that this move could delay agreement on urgent action to tackle the current crisis in the health services so that we can see an improvement in waiting times, GP services, bed numbers and retain our doctors in Ireland where they can treat patients. 

Speaking today, Dr. John Duddy, IMO President, said; “attempts to develop a long term vision or plan for the health services are to be welcomed but must not in any way distract from the urgent need to increase resources immediately in order to tackle the pressing problems that are impacting on patients and staff today. A 10 year plan sounds excellent but we also need a realistic immediate plan to tackle current issues.”

The IMO will engage proactively with this Committee and will seek to ensure that it does not merely produce another report for the shelves but a positive roadmap for a world-class health services which can serve patients and the wider community, and create a service in which people are happy and proud to work.

The IMO will also seek to ensure that any report produced by this Committee is accompanied by a comprehensive financial analysis and a commitment that the required funds be ring fenced and protected.

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