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IMO offers briefings on health services to leading politicians in advance of negotiations on a Programme for Government

Offers unfettered access for politicians to senior IMO figures from across the health specialities

Tuesday 8th March 2016.  The President of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), Dr. Ray Walley, has today written to the leaders of the main political parties and to representatives from the main groups of independent TDs to offer meetings on the health service in advance of any discussions they may be involved in on a future Programme for Government.

The IMO has offered to make senior IMO figures from across the various specialities in the profession available to all of the political leaders to discuss health issues.

Speaking today, Dr. Walley said that the IMO was keen to ensure that commitments in any future Programme for Government were realistic and addressed the correct priorities.  He said; “we are very concerned at the situation in the health service and there is real potential for the next Government to either improve or worsen the situation. We want to make sure they make a positive contribution.” 

Dr. Walley also warned the political parties against any “grand gestures” in the health services.  He said; “the last two administrations had hugely ambitious and ultimately hugely distracting plans for the health services.  These literally got in the way of improving the day-to-day experience for patients and undoubtedly added to the sense of crisis in the services.  The priority now must be a return to basics and an investment in ensuring that patients receive adequate care and support when they need it most.  That will require less drama and political posturing and more investment and resources but it’s absolutely necessary.”

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