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Doctors warn that Government talks are ignoring the health services

Doctors warn that Govt talks are ignoring the health services

IMO President - “Politicians should be ashamed.  Irish Water is being treated as a matter of life or death while the real issue of life or death in our health services is being ignored.”

Friday 22nd April 2016.   The President of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has expressed dismay at the apparent lack of interest in the health services during the talks on the formation of a Government.  

Speaking today, Dr. John Duddy warned that the incoming Government was facing a series of massive challenges in the health services but seemed to be ignoring the issue in the talks about the new Government.  He said; “I struggle with our sense of political priorities when we seem to be more preoccupied about what to do with Irish Water than how to improve our health services”.  He said; “Irish Water is being treated as a matter of life or death while the real issues of life or death are ignored.”

Dr. Duddy highlighted the major challenges in the health service awaiting the new Government.

·      A potential shortfall of €500 million in the health budget

·      Overcrowding in Emergency Departments, bed shortages and endless waiting lists

·      Resource problems in GP services

·      300 vacant Consultant Posts

·      Widespread emigration of Irish doctors

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