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The IMO GP Committee submission to Indecon on the provision of Primary Care Facilities

You will have recently received a survey from Indecon Consultants who are preparing a report for the Department of Health on the provision of Primary Care Facilities in Ireland.

The IMO GP Committee have delivered a submission to Indecon on the provision of Primary Care Facilities, and a copy of this submission can be found here.

A number of topics were addressed in this submission, including the following areas, all of which would have been raised by members with the IMO:

-          FEMPI;

-          Support for GP’s who have developed their own centres;

-          Lack of Government Investment and broken commitments;

-          Lack of supports for Rural and Urban Deprived Practices;

-          Inappropriate rents;

-          Uncertain licence agreements.

A delegation representing various practice types has been selected from the GP Committee and they will meet with Indecon on 15th July to address the issues raised in the submission and other concerns of GP’s. If you have issues which you think should be raised please send these to or call the IMO 01 6767273 and these will be given to the delegation to consider.

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