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Statement by Irish Medical Organisation - Government’s plans for GP services.

Sunday 8th February 2015. In successive submissions to Government, the IMO has consistently advocated that medical cards should be prioritised on the basis of income and chronic disease status and that the age of the patient should not be a critical factor when it comes to prioritising the roll out of GP care to the whole population. The IMO is fully supportive of GP Care which is free at the point of access but this must be delivered in a planned way with adequate resources, there can be no question of simply loading complex workload into a GP system which has been decimated by years of draconian cutbacks and is struggling to cope with current demand.

The IMO is in negotiations with the Department of Health and the HSE on both an Under 6 Contract which is Government policy and a wider new GP Contract which should be capable of providing the means to deliver chronic care programmes, which are a key priority for the IMO.

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