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Statement by Irish Medical Organisation - World Asthma Day 5th May 2015

World Asthma Day 5th May 2015

Inclusion of cycle of care for children diagnosed with Asthma in new under 6 contract “just a start”

Tuesday 5th May 2015. World Asthma day is being celebrated today and the IMO is highlighting the central role of GPs in management of asthma in the community.

Dr Padraig McGarry, Chair of the IMO GP Committee said that “I in 5 children in Ireland have asthma and it is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in Irish children. It is of major significance that the new under 6 contract includes an agreed cycle of care for children diagnosed with asthma.”

Under the cycle of care GPs are to carry out an annual review of each child where the doctor has diagnosed asthma. This means that when asthma is diagnosed the GP will be responsible for managing asthma and will provide an annual review and education on inhaler technique.

Correct asthma management is essential in dealing with the disease and international evidence has shown that the management of asthma in primary care with a particular emphasis on self-care greatly improves the quality of life for children with the disease. With appropriate management in Primary Care significant reductions can be made in hospital admissions and Emergency department visits.

Dr. McGarry said that while the inclusion of this programme in the contract for under 6s was welcome, it was “only a start”. He said the IMO would continue to call for the Department and the HSE to allocate sufficient funding to allow a roll out of a full asthma programme for the full population and for greater resources for Chronic Disease Management in general in General Practice.




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