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Statement by IMO - HSE Staff Survey – a damning criticism of the HSE

30% of respondents would not be happy with standard of care provided by Irish health services (comparable figure in NHS is 8%)

Only 25% of respondents are optimistic about their future in HSE

Wednesday 15th April 2015. The HSE staff survey published today is a damning indictment of the management and leadership of the HSE and testifies to the crisis of morale across the health services.

Speaking today, Dr. Ray Walley, President of the IMO, said that the survey highlighted the crisis in the HSE and demanded an urgent response from the HSE and the Department of Health.

Dr. Walley highlighted the following findings in particular:

· HSE staff have little confidence and trust in the ability of senior management to lead the HSE.

· Managerial support is poor across the service with little feedback being given, even in relation to reported errors, near misses or other incidents.

· More than two-thirds of medical and dental grades are experiencing high levels of stress and a quarter of respondents are working 11 or more unpaid additional hours per week above their normal working week.

· Only a quarter of medical and dental grade respondents are optimistic about their future in the HSE; only a third believe they have received training which helps them to do their jobs properly and just 12% feel that they have all the equipment, support and resources required to do their jobs correctly.

· 30% of respondents to the survey stated if a friend or relative needed treatment, they would not be happy with the standard of care provided by the health services. The comparable figure for the NHS is 8%.

· Just 11% of medical and dental respondents feel valued and recognised by the health services.

Dr. Walley said the survey raised serious questions about the leadership of the HSE and the attitude to culture and communication within the organisation; “this survey should be a warning to everyone that there are serious problems in the management and leadership of the HSE. The services are facing enormous problems with the cumulative impact of years of cutbacks undermining services and working conditions and this crisis of confidence and morale makes a difficult situation immeasurably worse. It demands a response and a change of attitude and we will raise these matters with the HSE as a matter of urgency.”

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