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Outcome of Discussions between IMO and Medical Council

1st July 2015

The IMO on your behalf and with incredible support from our members has been engaged in a campaign against what we see as an unjustified approach to the setting of registration fees for Medical Council. We have been more than disappointed at the approach taken by the Medical Council which has achieved little more than alienating doctors around the country who simply had no voice in discussions. This has been acknowledged by the Medical Council and they recognise that their communication with doctors was not in line with best practice.

While we have not secured a reversal of the increase we have agreed the following measures which ensure that in the future you as a doctor can have your voice heard through representation from the IMO. This is the first time there has been an acknowledgement from the Medical Council that discussions will be held with the IMO on these matters.

• A commitment by the Medical Council to NO FEE INCREASES for three years
• Talks will commence before end September 2015 to review the Fee Structure to consider matters such as ability to pay and the financial pressures on doctors at the early career stages
• The IMO has long advocated for staged payments which is critical in terms of doctors being able to manage their personal finances, talks on staged payments will commence by end September 2015
• The Medical Council have agreed to engage with the Training Bodies on the cost of the Professional Competence Schemes and will liaise with the IMO on these discussions

We know that many doctors have not paid their Registration Fee as of today and we have now confirmed with the Medical Council that NO LATE FEES will apply to payments made before 13th July 2015. For those doctors who paid reduced payment this amount will be returned within the next 5 days and the doctor should then make the full payment in the normal manner before 13th July to ensure no late payment fees apply.

While the campaign has not achieved all its aims doctors have united in solidarity through the IMO and in particular expressed support for the plight of younger colleagues. The campaign has proved once again that it is only by standing together that anything can progress.


Dr Ray Walley - IMO President

Dr John Duddy - IMO Vice President

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