IMO votes overwhelmingly to reject Lansdowne Road Agreement on public sector pay restoration
Irish Medical Organisation

IMO votes overwhelmingly to reject Lansdowne Road Agreement on public sector pay restoration

93% of doctors vote No

Thursday 2nd July 2015. The members of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) have voted overwhelmingly to reject the new Lansdowne Road Agreement on public sector pay restoration.
In the ballot, 93% of doctors voted against the Agreement.
Steve Tweed, IMO Director, Industrial Relations said doctors felt let down by the rejection of their legitimate claim for equal pay for work of equal value.

“The failure of Minister Varadkar to fulfill his promise of support for doctors in this claim is disappointing. The Lansdowne Road proposal will not address the increasing number of Consultant vacancies across the health service which in turn will lead to an increased number of patients on waiting lists. This is another missed opportunity by Government to work with the IMO , to rebuild the health service in Ireland and to improve the quality of care to patients”.

“We have repeatedly said that this Agreement does nothing to address the real crisis in our health services – the inability of the system to retain existing doctors and attract new doctors into the Irish health system. Our highly trained doctors are much sought after and valued by other countries where they are resourced to carry out the work for which they have spent long years training. This is bad for the future of our services but more importantly, it is creating serious patient safety issues with long waiting lists and insufficient resources to treat patients” Tweed concluded.

In May the IMO Council recommended a rejection of the Agreement.


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