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IMO describes report by Medical Council as a wake-up call for health services

Almost half of trainee doctors not committed to practicing in Ireland

The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has described the report by the Irish Medical Council on Career and Retention intentions of trainee doctors as a “wake-up call for the Irish health services”. 

The report found that almost half of the trainee respondents are not committed to staying in Ireland to practice medicine with only 22% saying that they will definitely stay in Ireland.

The IMO said “It would be naïve to think that because we have more doctors registered in Ireland that this is not a real crisis.  We are training doctors for export and that is a shameful reflection on our health services.”

Speaking today Eric Young, Assistant IR Director, IMO said that the report was a clear signal that the manpower crisis amongst doctors in Ireland was going to continue with more and more Irish trained doctors seeking to work abroad.

Mr Young said that it was clear that increasing numbers of young trainee doctors do not see a future in the Irish health services; “through years of austerity and cutbacks we have created a toxic working environment for our trainee doctors.  The IMO has being warning about this crisis for years and the Government needs to act fast.  Current working conditions and working environments are an obstacle to staffing our hospitals.  The response that is required has to include investment in better training experiences, better career pathways and realistic contracts that are honoured by the employer.”

The IMO are currently holding meetings with NCHDs and these issues are being highlighted at every hospital throughout the country.

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