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GPs receive briefing on new agreement with HSE and Dept. of Health

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GPs receive briefing on new agreement with HSE and Dept. of Health

Saturday 11th April 2015. GP members of the IMO from around the country have received a detailed presentation on the deal negotiated by the organisation with the Department of Health and the HSE in respect of treating Children under 6 and other matters.

The GPs are attending a specially convened national meeting which is taking place during the IMO’s AGM in Kilkenny this weekend. The Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar TD is now addressing the meeting.

The GPs received an extensive briefing on the new agreement from the negotiating team that represented the IMO led by Chairman of the GP Committee, Dr. Ray Walley.

Many speakers at the meeting acknowledged the achievement of the IMO in the negotiations and expressed support for the agreement. However others expressed their ongoing lack of trust in the HSE, concerns about the workload implications of the agreement and concerns about the damage caused to General Practice through years of under-resourcing.

Under the terms of the Competition Act, the IMO has won the right to negotiate on behalf of its GP members but is not allowed to recommend acceptance or rejection of any agreement. Members are required to decide individually whether to sign any new contract or not.

Speaking to the meeting, Dr. Walley described the new agreement as a “first step on the road back to a sustainable and viable general practice system”.

He highlighted the fact that the deal would see additional investment of over €75 million in General Practice through the Under 6 contract and the “cycle of care” programme for patients with Type II diabetes.

Under the new agreement GPs will receive a capitation fee of €125 per child under 6 – an increase of 82% on the current rate. The agreement also includes provisions for additional payments for patients over the age of 2 with Asthma and payments for GPs undertaking a “cycle of care” programme with patients with Type II Diabetes.

Other areas covered by the agreement include a Dispute Resolution Procedure that will apply across the GMS and Under 6 Contracts, an extension of the GMS Contract on a voluntary basis to those GPs who wish to continue to practice to age 72, the introduction of Part Time GMS Contracts for those GPs who wish to share a whole time commitment and a Memorandum of Understanding with regard to a new GP Contract including the FEMPI process.

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