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Statement from IMO on Consultant pay

Tuesday 11th February 2014. While the IMO welcomes confirmation from the Department of Health that existing consultants moving from one post to another within the health service will not be subject to the 30% pay cut we have serious concerns at the length of time it has taken for the Minister to realise the error of his decision in September 2012 to announce a unilateral pay cut of 30% for new entrant consultants.

Far from saving the Government money, this ill thought out decision has only led to fewer consultant posts being filled with a corresponding reduction in services to patients. To date the Minister has not been able to implement these proposals for that group of consultants who move from one post to another and he knows it.

Speaking today Mr Anthony Owens, Assistant Director of Industrial Relations, IMO said “If we are not to see a further deterioration in services the Minister must act now. We have done nothing but create disincentives and obstacles to highly skilled doctors who might otherwise choose to work in the Irish health system. Notwithstanding the publication of any report the Minister is fully aware that under the Haddington Road Agreement there is a clear mechanism to deal with this issue through negotiation with the IMO which is only Organisation representing consultants in terms of the Public Service Agreement.”

There is no excuse for further delay, there is a problem, that problem is acknowledged, now let’s deal with it.


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