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Members vote to NOT to conduct independent review

Friday 3rd October 2014. The Irish Medical Organisation has announced the results of a ballot of the membership held to decide on whether or not the organisation should commission an independent review into certain aspects of the management of the organisation up to December 2012. The decision to conduct a ballot was made at the organisation’s AGM in April and reflected concerns that the membership should make the final decision on whether to undertake an independent review or not.

The result of the ballot, which opened two weeks ago and which closed this evening, was that the IMO should NOT proceed with this exercise. The percentage of votes cast AGAINST holding a review was 52%. The percentage of votes cast IN FAVOUR was 48%. The counting of votes in the ballot were independently scrutinised. The count was attended by IMO President, Professor Trevor Duffy.

Speaking tonight, Professor Duffy acknowledged the closeness of the vote; “The closeness of the vote reflects the seriousness of the issue we were considering. However Council will now respect the outcome of the ballot and the democratic vote which has taken place.“

Professor Duffy said that the IMO had undergone huge change since the controversy erupted; “As an organisation we have gone through an enormous process of change including an extensive consultation with the membership, the adoption of a completely new set of rules and the introduction of a new management and governance structure for the organisation which reflect the lessons learnt through this whole episode. We have readily acknowledged the shortcomings and failings which had taken place in the organisation but we have addressed them and undertaken very important reforms. Now this matter has been decided, we can focus without distraction on the critical challenge of representing the interests of our members and our patients at a time of enormous stress and difficulty in the health services.”

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