Irish Medical Organisation

IMO warns of imminent manpower crisis in Irish hospitals.

Accuses HSE of "failing to deliver" on commitments made last year following NCHD strike

Wednesday 25th June 2014. The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has warned that there is an imminent manpower crisis in Irish hospitals. Mr Eric Young, Assistant Director of Industrial Relations at the IMO said that the HSE had failed to fully deliver on the commitments it made last year following the strike by NCHDs and was now “paying the price for its failure on this issue”. There are too few doctors, still working illegal and unsafe hours.”

Mr. Young said that the manpower crisis rather than being dealt with has exacerbated to a level whereby 80% of interns have expressed an intention to emigrate. This is not news to the HSE, they have been consistently warned that the Irish Health Service is not a place where our highly trained doctors want to work and progress their careers. A real crisis will now inevitably emerge within weeks as the traditional rotation period for NCHDs comes mid-summer; “the HSE’s inaction has meant that more and more NCHDs are choosing to emigrate rather than work in a dysfunctional hospital system. We spelt out the need to tackle this crisis before it got out of hand. The HSE agreed an action plan but has failed to fully deliver on it. It now looks like patients in Irish hospitals will pay a price for that failure.”


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