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IMO President warns that political interference is limiting the potential of doctors to treat patients properly

Friday 25th April 2014. The President of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has said that political interference in the health services was limiting the potential of Doctors to treat patients properly. Dr. Matthew Sadlier was speaking on the opening day of the IMO AGM in Kildare this morning.

Dr. Sadlier signaled out the controversial proposals from the Government to dismantle the GMS contract and to introduce a new contract under which it is proposed that GPs will provide free visits to children under six. He also highlighted the fact that the IMO had been forced to undertake Industrial Action on behalf of Non Consultant Hospital Doctors in recent months to force the Government to stop making NCHDs working “dangerously long working hours”.

Dr. Sadlier also questioned the Government proposals to introduce a system of Universal Health Insurance and the recent publication of a White Paper on the issue. Dr. Sadlier criticised the Government for not allowing a broader debate about competing finance models for the health services by attempting to restrict the debate to an insurance-based model.

Dr. Sadlier said that the AGM’s discussions on proposed rule changes for the organisation would be of critical importance. He said that the rule changes would create a more transparent, open and member focused organisation and would “overhaul the way the organisation does its business” and create an organisation that would be “better suited to represent all its members across the country.”

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