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IMO GPs call for Government to reinstate all discretionary medical cards cancelled within past 12 months

“Grossly unfair” that people who lost cards in recent weeks or months should have to wait till after September to have them reviewed.

Friday 6th June 2014. The Irish Medical Organisation has called on the Government to immediately reinstate Discretionary Medical Cards cancelled or not renewed within the past 12 months. Dr. Ray Walley, Chairman of the IMO GP Committee, said that the Government could reinstate such cards at the “stroke of a pen” if it chose to do so.

Dr. Walley described as “grossly unfair” the fact that people who lost discretionary cards in recent weeks or months would have to wait till after September before they could even begin the process of applying for them to be reinstated.

He said; “the Government has accepted that it has got this whole issue wrong from the start. They need now to take the extra step to reinstate cards which were terminated or withdrawn in recent months rather than force people in difficult positions to wait months to find out if they are to be covered again.”


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