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IMO and BMA NI host All Ireland conference on mental health

IMO warns that recession has caused spike in mental health issues while services are being starved of resources

Friday 21st November 14 The President of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has said that the recession has a significant impact on mental health and addiction issues across the island of Ireland with increased levels of stress and anxiety on the one hand and reduced resources being made available to deal with these issues on the other.

Professor Trevor Duffy, was speaking at a special All Ireland Conference on Mental Health and Addiction which took place in Dublin today (Royal Hospital Kilmainham). The conference was co-hosted by the IMO and the BMA NI (British Medical Association NI).

Speaking on the impact of the Recession, Professor Duffy pointed out that research has shown that the risk factors for mental health problems, such as personal financial instability, economic inequality, and unemployment increase in times of economic recession and can increase the prevalence of mental health illnesses among the general population, including increased levels of anxiety and stress and higher use and dependency on alcohol and drugs.

The conference was addressed by a range of leading speakers from the Republic and Northern Ireland. Subjects discussed included the impact of the Recession Mental Health, the Gropu and Recognition of Behavioural Addictions such as gambling and internet gaming, Addication and Homelessness, Addiction and Crime and the role of Community based Addiction Services.

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