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Statement by IMO - Tuesday 21st May 2013

Following extensive talks at the Labour Relations Commission, the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has agreed a set of proposals on key issues which it will now refer to a meeting of the organisation’s National Council which will take place on Thursday of this week. Subject to the views of that meeting, the proposals will be put to a ballot of affected members in the coming weeks.

Speaking today Mr. Steve Tweed, Director of Industrial Relations at the IMO, said that the IMO was satisfied that it has secured significant improvements in comparison to the terms which were originally on offer in the Croke Park II process and which led to the IMO walking out of that talks process; “We’re not happy with everything we have secured but we are happy that we have secured a much better set of proposals than were on offer two months ago.”

Key elements of the proposed agreement include:

  • The Government has confirmed its commitment to move to compliance with the EWTD by end 2014.
  • In addition overtime payments will continue to operate at double time on Sundays and public holidays and time and a half for those earning under €35,000 pa and time and a quarter for those earning over €35,000 pa.
  • New entrant consultants who have already seen a cut in their remuneration of 30% compared to established consultants will be exempted from the cut in pay targeted at employees earning over €65,000 pa.
  • The IMO have secured a commitment from Government to immediately engage with the IMO in talks with the aim of enhancing the career and training pathways of graduates from Irish Medical Schools. In particular there will be a focus on the retention of consultants and the need to ensure that Ireland is an attractive career option for those graduates who have emigrated in recent years.
  • The IMO will participate in a joint site-based review to assess the potential for task transfer of four specific tasks from NCHDs to nurses/Midwives. Any savings agreed from this initiative will be applied to the T&Cs of the members of the relevant Unions
  • The new proposals will see doctors in the public service accept any central measures in relation to higher pay and increments.

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