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IMO Consultant Members Give Full Support to Campaign By NCHDs

Consultants praise “courage” of NCHD colleagues in discussing crisis on RTE

Friday 25th January 2013. Consultant members of the Irish Medical Organisation have given strong and unqualified support to their Non Consultant Hospital Doctor (NCHDs) colleagues in their fight to reduce their excessive working hours.

Six NCHDs went on to Primetime on RTE last night to highlight the unacceptable and ongoing breach of the European Working Time Directive (EWTD). The doctors interviewed for the programme gave compelling accounts of their experiences.

Meeting this week, the IMO Consultant Committee reaffirmed its support for NCHD members in their fight for parity of treatment in pay and all other Terms and Conditions. The Committee endorsed a campaign to include all hospital doctors in the fight for fair and reasonable working conditions

Issued by:
Maria Murphy,
Director of Communications &
Public Affairs, IMO
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