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Haddington Road Agreement - Statement by IMO Council

IMO Council to put Haddington Road proposals to a ballot of members.

Wednesday 5th June 2013. The Council of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) met this evening to consider the organisation’s response to the outcome of negotiations between the IMO and the Government in respect of the Haddington Road Agreement (HRA) on pay and terms in the Public Sector. The Council had initially considered the matter two weeks ago but had postponed a decision at that time pending clarification on certain matters.

Following a briefing from Steve Tweed, Director of Industrial Relations, the meeting considered proposals and clarifications received in recent weeks.

Speaking tonight Steve Tweed said; “The Council agreed that the HRA marks progress for our members and vindicates our decision to walk out of the misguided Croke Park II talks. However it is far from perfect. In particular, Council members expressed deep concern that the continued Government policy of reducing spending in the Health Sector will negatively impact on the ability of doctors to deliver best quality care to their patients.”

“The commitment received in recent weeks that the Government would engage in talks with the IMO aimed at retaining our highly qualified doctors and attracting back Irish trained doctors currently working abroad was critical as this addresses a key objective of the IMO and addresses one of the biggest challenges facing the health services.”

After a long debate, the meeting voted to recommend to members that they accept the HRA. The vote was not unanimous.

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